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Fall Paddling

It’s been a while since I’ve updated, but I want to fill everyone in on what I’ve been up to. Southeasterns was the last race that I competed in this fall, but I got a lot of paddling in outside of my wildwater boat. I paddled the Ocoee every weekend I could get away from Athens before it closed at the end of October. It was really great to go paddling with friends from UGA and Georgia Tech rather than just people from the wildwater community. I also got to see a lot of familiar faces on the river, most notably Joe Jacobi, who was influential in the start of my kayaking career at the Chattanooga Whitewater Kids Club almost ten years ago.

Another great river that I went on a number of times this fall with friends is the Chattooga. It is such a beautiful river, especially in the fall with the leaves changing. Another plus is that it isn’t dam released, so the unusually high rain fall in the last few months led to some great water levels.

Now I’m home for Thanksgiving Break, and I’m excited to get some flatwater training in with my coach John Pinyerd, who is back in the boat after his rotator cuff surgery this summer.