Beginning of School/GAF

So I’m back in Athens, and loving school this year. I’m taking a break from training wildwater for now, but thanks to UGA whitewater club, I’m still able to go paddling. In fact, a few weeks ago I ran the Chattooga for the first time and had a blast. There is also a weekly rolling clinic Tuesday nights where they provide free gear and instrusctions for anyone interested in learning how to roll. A few weeks ago, I actually brought my  wildwater boat to the pool and a couple people got to try it out for the first time.

For the past two weekends, I headed up to North Carolina to get some time in on the Nantahala. The first weekend was really good, since I ran it a few times with my sister. It reminded me of when we first started kayaking and used to paddle the Nanty together.

This past weekend was the Guest Appreciation Festival at the NOC. It poured all day on Saturday, which was great for the water level, but not so great for the turnout. It was a pretty chill weekend though, and I went up with a few guys from UGA, which was fun. On Saturday we did a fun run on the river in play boats, and then Sunday was Southeasterns, an annual race that starts at the dam and ends just below the Falls, 8.3 miles total. The race was really fun, especially since the water level was so high from all the rain in the past few weeks. I had a solid race, and was happy with my time, especially since my time was 5 1/4 minutes faster than last year’s. Overall, it was a great weekend to see everyone and get some time in on the Nanty before they shut it down.


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