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So here it goes. I’m finally back home from my first year of college at UGA. This past year has proven difficult to continue my normal training routine without a car or training partner in Athens, but I explored new options and have really enjoyed them. In the fall I often came home on weekends to train with my coach Maurizio, who was in the country for a few months. We did a lot of kayaking in flatwater sprint boats, especially in K2s, which really helped out my technique. I also did much more cross training, especially running to make up for the time I wasn’t spending on the water.

This spring I joined the UGA Crew team, which has proven to be a wonderful decision. The hours spent on the water per week as well as on the erg have really developed my aerobic base and increased my endurance. We had a great season, and were undefeated up until this past weekend at the National Championships, where we took 5th place. Another nice thing about joining the crew team is that after final exams, when I stayed in Athens for two weeks to train for Nationals, they allowed me to keep my kayak in the boathouse for free. So for those two weeks I began training for Team Trials and FIBArk. 

Yesterday was my first day back on whitewater in a little more than a month, and my coach and I drove up to the Ocoee for Memorial Day. We put on just below Slice and Dice, and I ended up doing three solid runs by the end of the day. It was really exciting to get back on whitewater after such a long time, and I am very excited to go to Colorado in a month!


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